Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Public Data Arrest Records Search

In this present time background checks are rapid becoming a common practice across the different states of modern life. In significant, the arrest history record check has become a standard procedures used by different companies as a basis of staffing process. Through studying the status, they will able to determine if the applicant have been arrested before. In fact mandatory in recruitment for every position has deep concern for background study, so that every employee can be trusted in their position.

Public Data Search is a public records search conducted for different purposes; warrant arrest record, check potential employees, neighbours, colleagues at work or even prospective spouses. Although the law prohibited the direct questions arrest history work interviews, checks can be done discretion. There are ways to get cover around it such as reporting odds could be done like this, silently that it could be last thing on public data search. That's why it's a good idea to do online search before anything else to be done in negligence.

Records arrest came under the authority of the different state. They are forwarded from different departments of the county police, police highway patrols, sheriff's office and other criminal justice agencies throughout the said state and modernized on the crime report basis. The subject of legality in the arrest records or any type of criminal history records is not always easy due to lack of evidence. What is clear though it never hurts to have a source of information on hand just to have right compliance.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Abandon Myself

You are the one that I adore
The one to whom I pour my love my love
You are one that I worship
The one to whom I give my life my life
You are the reason I take my next breath
You are the reason I take my next step


I follow you are the lead
And release by fate to believe
I choose to embrace your purpose in me
Surrender my heart and my soul
And obey you my capable
Abandon myself to serve Your call


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Guide For SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing 
Content is the force that propels your site to the top pages of search engine results. Our experienced professional SEO content writers incorporate your top keyword phrases smoothly and seamlessly into a website copy that’s interesting, persuasive, and action oriented simply put, content that the search engines and your visitors will find equally appealing. 
SEO Performance Reports 
Link Popularity and Back Linking Analyzer:
This SEO Tool evaluates the total number of back links that Google, MSN and Yahoo search engines see in their database. It also gives you your Google PageRank Score.
Search Engine Spider Simulator
SEO reports let you know about your web site’s performance on search engines, in terms of visibility, traffic, SERP (Search Engine Results Page), link popularity, and ranking. Our SEO analysts guarantee real and reliable performance reports that accurately identify the advantages and shortcomings of your site, as well as, provide the recommendations for change necessary to improve the success rate of your SEO efforts.
Algorithm - a statistical formula used by a search engine to rank a web page - different search engines weight differently the factors involved, keywords, links etc.
Authority site - a measure of the quality (in the all-powerful opinion of the search engine company) of a given site, gauged by some combination of size, importance, relevance. A link from an authority site to your own is more valuable than just any old site.
ALT tags - used to display a short text description of an image when the pointer is hovered over it. Using keywords in ALT tags increases keyword density as seen by robots.
Bad neighborhood (to be in...) - sharing a server or IP block with sites penalized for using dubious SEO tactics, such as hidden text or link farms.
Backlink - any link from another web page to your own (aka Incoming link).
Broken link - the target page of the link has been deleted or moved; disliked by search engines, always check any link from your pages is and remains live.
Click-Through - clicking on a link, usually an advertisement, to visit a web vendor.
Click-Through-Rate (CTR) - the number of times a link is clicked on divided by the number of impressions.
Cloaking - serving one version of a page to a human visitor and a different version to the search engines. The cloaked version usually contains a list of targeted keyword unintelligible to humans. Presently considered unacceptable by most major search engines.
Content - in this regard, the text of a web page, visible or not, examined by search robots.
Counter - a small software application (written in perl, php etc) that counts the number of hits, unique visitors, and/or page views that a web page receives.
Crawler - nowadays, synonymous with robot.
Dead Link - See Broken Link.
Description - a summary of a web page's content, often used verbatim in search engine results pages.
Description Meta Tag - a Meta tag describing the content of the web page. Used by some search engines for keyword density purposes. It is recommended that you use a couple of your targeted keywords in the description meta tag.
Directory - a categorized list of websites, maintained by human editors instead of robots. Yahoo is the most widely recognized directory on the web.
DNS Propagation - when a new domain name is registered (or an existing one is transferred to a new DNS), the information must make its way around the entire internet. This process usually takes around 24 hours, during which time the domain will be inaccessible to many or all users.
Domain Name Server - computer that translates human-friendly URLs (words) into computer-friendly IP addresses. This process occurs every time a user requests a page from a website.
Doorway Page - a page optimized for a particular search engine and/or search term, followed by a redirect to the usable page. Multiple doorway pages are often used to help ensure that the same basic content is ranked well on several different search engines. Frowned upon. (aka gateway page)
Duplicate Content - separate web pages with substantially the same content, which may attract a penalty from search engines.
Googlebot - the crawler Google uses on a daily basis to find and index new web pages.
Google Desktop- downloadable applications, providing a search function for files on the user's computer. The future, apparently...
Google Toolbar - a downloadable toolbar for Internet Explorer that allows a user to do a Google search without visiting the Google website.
Hidden text (and hidden links) - used to increase artificially a web page's keyword density for a given word or phrase. For example, white text on white background, or very small print. Search engines can detect and may penalize.
Hits - vague term, differently calculated depending on stats counter used - one web page with 10 picture files can count as 11 hits.
Home Directory - the directory in which your site's main index page is located. Usually named /public_html/, or /www/ or /web/.
Image Map - placing hyperlinks on different areas of an image. Not search engine friendly.
Inbound link - see Backlink.
IP Address - a unique numeric Internet Protocol Address assigned to every computer that connects to the internet. IP addresses can be either static or dynamic (changes with every internet connection).
IP Spoofing - returning an IP address that is different from the one that is actually assigned to the destination website.
Keyword (Key Phrase) - a word (or phrase) typed into a search, producing web pages that contain that word or phrase.
Keywords Meta Tag - an HTML tag that lists all of the main keywords and key phrases that are contained on that web page. Some search engines pay attention to this tag, some do not.
Link Anchor Text - the visible (perhaps underlined) text of a link.
Link Farm - a site created solely for search engine ranking purposes that consist almost entirely of a long list of unrelated links. These types of pages are penalized by almost all search engines.
Link Popularity - the number and quality of inbound links pointing to a given web page.
Meta Search Engine - an application (website or software) that takes a search term and queries several search engines and directories, then aggregates the results.
Mirror Sites - identical websites on different domains. Used legitimately by large websites to share heavy server loads, but by search engine spammers to generate more search engine referrals.
Outbound Links - links from your web page to another web page.
Page Rank (PR) - a score out of ten assigned by Google to each indexed web page. The visible result of the algorithm, but note that the 'public' PR is not the same as the 'true' PR and is only updated infrequently.
Page Rank For Money - selling or buying a link from a web page with a high PR for the express purpose of increasing the other page's PR.
Page views - each time a web page on a site is accessed by a visitor, it counts as one page view, whether or not the same user viewed the same page 5 minutes ago. (aka pageload)
Paid Inclusion - some directories will only consider including your site (especially commercial ones) in their database if you pay them an 'evaluation' fee. Note that in some cases this fee does not guarantee your site will be accepted.
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) - a search engine or directory places your link in their database and charges you a fee every time your URL comes up in a search and is clicked on. The size of the fee is usually determined by bidding on keywords. The two largest PPC schemes are Overture and Google AdWords.
Reciprocal link - a link to another website placed on your site in exchange for a link to your site from theirs. Once very effective in achieving high search engine rankings, now of less proven value.
Redirect - a tactic used to send a user to a different page from the one clicked on in the search results, the final page being less relevant. Considered unacceptable by search engines, except when they employ it, when it becomes known as 'an enhancement of the user experience.'
Referrer or Referring URL - the URL of the web page where a visitor clicked a link to come to your site.
Relevancy - the degree to which the content on a web page returned in a list of search results matches the topic the user is searching for. 
Robot - a programme used by a search engine to roam the web, finding, ranking, and indexing web pages. (spider, webcrawler, crawler, web-bot, bot)
Robots.txt - a file used to exclude some or all robots from crawling some or all the files or directories on a website. This file should be placed in your website's root directory.
Sandbox - allegedly used by one large search engine as a probation period for new sites. Gaining a high PR is inhibited during this period.
Search engine - strictly, the programme(s) used to provide internet users with a search facility. Nowadays, the megacorporation that owns same. 
Search engine friendly - a web page designed and optimized for high search engine rankings. Such pages are rich in keywords and structured for ease of crawling.
SEM - Search Engine Marketing; encompasses SEO and further marketing methods, eg. paid advertising options.
SERPS - Search Engine Results Pages.
Stop word - small common word, a, as, the, ignored by search engines when indexing web pages and processing search queries.
Traffic - visitors to a website, measured in a variety of ways, including unique visitors and total page views, or the rather meaningless 'hits'.
what spiders do - they crawl the web by harvesting links leading from one web page to another in order to discover as many pages as they can.
SERPs - Search Engine Results Pages
the pages of results that appear after a search is made.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Fruitful Life

It is hard to be joyful always, but if anyone can do it I think it would be Mr. Mpakanyane. He has the most contagious smile I’ve ever come across. I’d challenge anyone to hold back their smile in his presence as he shares the Word of God and his joy in the Lord accompanied by his accordion which he plays with a special verve!

“Be joyful always;” (I Thessalonians 5:16)

I’ve heard him speak twice, most recently at a Scripture Union rally I attended along with 24 students from our Friends of God group. Although a large man, he shares his faith in a gentle, authentic manner, which contrasts wonderfully with his energetic delight in making music for the Lord. His message emphasized important aspects of the rally’s theme, “Leading a Fruitful Life”. “A fruitful life”, he said, “is one that is outward-looking.” He gave an example from the beginning of Acts 8 where the early church, in the face of persecution in Jerusalem, did not look inwardly upon their problems but instead took the gospel beyond the city to Judea and Samaria. READ MORE>>

Friday, April 17, 2009

Manny Pacquiao vs Politics

The people champ Manny “pacman” Pacquiao has fully pledge to serve his fellow SarangaƱians. The Povince of Sarangani has seven municipality namely are Alabel, Glan, Malungon, Malapatan, Maitum,Kiamba and Maasim. Malungon Municipal mayor Reynaldo “Bong2” Constantino said that Pacquiao has desired to be champion on public service not only on boxing arena. Pacquiao has developing a tourist attraction in Municipal of Malungon which located on Brgy. Laurel the name of tourist attraction is Busagan Falls.

Pacman has passion to serve and compassion to his fellow Saranganians. If Pacman has sympathy to his fellow Saranganians. What are the plata porma de gorverno that captivate the hearts of the Sarangans? From the “absolutely” word to “you know” has greatly meaningless. The really meaning is his heart to be a fully public servant who wiling to put his belts and humbly serving his fellow Sarangans.

In essence, every person deserved to serve publicly either poor or rich. The great impact is action not word. Philosopher said that action speak louder than words. Hopefully Pacquiao can do action as humble public servant. READ MORE>>

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Link- Building

Link popularity is a primary factor by which search engines rank websites. This makes link- building a vital part of any valid SEO strategy since it is a very good indication of how relevant a site is. Our team of professionally- trained link- builders focus on establishing good quality links to your site thereby improving and securing it’s popularity.

Forum, Blog, and Article Posting/Submission

The Internet is not the place to be timid and shy. Forum, Blog, and Articles’ Submission is a very dynamic means of announcing your presence, and why you exist, to the people with needs related to your trade. Our highly- skilled researchers and writers effectively promote your site through quality and quantity postings and/ or submissions to reputable and relevant sites across the worldwide web so your business could get the attention it truly deserves.

DIR Submission

DIR submission is one of the most worthwhile ways to establish the popularity of your site. Staffing Outsourcing Solutions DIR submission services guarantee that each directory is thoroughly researched and that the all the manual directories we submit to are selected based on quality and relevancy to your site thus ensuring that your precious time and resources are not wasted on useless links.

Search Engine Submission

Search engines are the major sources of traffic for almost every web site making search engine submission extremely important. Our professional SEO team ensures that your site is only submitted to “real” search engines as opposed to link farms and FFA (Free For All Pages) which will most likely do you more harm than good. We even provide a detailed submission report once the submission is complete.

SEO Content Writing

Content is the force that propels your site to the top pages of search engine results. Our experienced professional SEO content writers incorporate your top keyword phrases smoothly and seamlessly into a website copy that's interesting, persuasive, and action oriented simply put, content that the search engines and your visitors will find equally appealing.

SEO Performance Reports

SEO reports let you know about your web site’s performance on search engines, in terms of visibility, traffic, SERP (Searach Engine Results Page), link popularity, and ranking. Our SEO analysts guarantee real and reliable performance reports that accurately identify the advantages and shortcomings of your site, as well as, provide the recommendations for change necessary to improve the success rate of your SEO efforts.

Read More Articles>> SEO Philippines.

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